a view from the laundry pile…

…it's all about perspective.

About LB

I guess you’d like to know a little about me (I can almost imagine the trickle of pee down your leg as your excitement levels rise with anticipation at the thought). I’m a work from home, stay at home, doggie Mom of three “kids” with a pretty cool husband that, as far as he knows, doesn’t mind being put on the spot.  (He doesn’t like it when I brag but I’m really proud of him and what he does. Moreover, it’s not his blog.  He’s a Fire Chief and Paramedic and, in his off time, like me, is interested in a little bit of this and a little bit of that — you know, enough projects going at one time to drive you absolutely nuts…but it makes for an interesting life).

I have many interests and hobbies, most of which I’ll write about here.  (Yes, I did say most.  Nothing tawdry or naughty, mind you (unless something really good comes up) — and I’ll aways try to be tactful (you caught the emphasis on “try,” didn’t you?) even though this isn’t my strong suit).

All that said,  my blog is about my day-to-day and anything that piques my curiosity and sounds fun, interesting, or noteworthy to write about.  But my biggest hope is that it makes you laugh.  If it does, please feel free to share – a smile is a great gift.  If it doesn’t, I’ll try harder next time…

My websites: www.lbdk.etsy.com and www.theunexpectedalchemists.com

Please feel free to share anything I have here but note that all original content and photos are © LB Driver 2012-13 and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Thanks for your understanding!


3 responses to “About LB

  1. Nice blog, I’ll stop in from time to time.

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