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The Soap Dish: Passive Aggressive Much?

I’m sure I could use my time more effectively while doing the dishes; plotting and planning the days activities, mentally going through the refrigerator and cupboards trying to decide what to make for dinner, balancing the checkbook in my head (ok, that one even made me¬†laugh out loud…), or even singing to the dog (what? She likes it). But, instead, my mind wanders aimlessly until it hits upon a topic that I can’t let go of and there it stays until I’m done washing and move on to another project and another thought.

Today it was a conversation I had a while back with someone I’ve been acquainted with for a few years now. We were sitting in a bar talking about a particularly gory movie we’d both seen. I mentioned that it didn’t really phase me (because it is, after all, just a movie, right?). Not only were they were shocked and appalled that I didn’t have the same reaction that they did, regarding the violence, they actually said they “felt sorry” for me because of it. This really threw me off (enough to still think about it while doing the dishes months later…).

My initial thought was “who are you to be telling me how I should be reacting to something?” My second was “wow. Passive aggressive much?” Followed closely by “really? Isn’t this a type of bullying?” Of course, I had third, fourth, and probably, fifth thoughts the rest of the week, going over the conversation in my head trying to decide if there was any merit to what they were saying or if they were just trying to mold me into their own seemingly narrow idea of right and wrong.

I realize that I’m, possibly, less sensitive to these things because of the people I live with and socialize with (fire service, law-enforcement, military, etc.) but don’t you think there has to be a line drawn as to what you let affect you and what you don’t? If you don’t take in enough, you’re perceived as heartless. If you take in too much, you end up sniffing the flowers on the wallpaper. Where, exactly, is the balance?

Thankfully, I know my heart hasn’t turned to stone, yet, because I still cry at Hallmark Christmas movies, I enjoy making children laugh til they (nearly) pee, and I know there’s nothing better than the smell of a new puppy.


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