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The Garage Door Project

on September 22, 2014

Between the move and figuring out what to do with the 5 acres of property (and I am certainly not complaining. It’s a glorious space!), it’s been a very busy summer for us.
We’ve been working on a lot of various projects, most of which would probably bore people to tears, but a few have been pretty fun.
As you may know, we like to reuse
and recycle whenever possible. So, when I came across this at a local junk shop, the lightbulb went on in my head and I knew, exactly, what I wanted it for.
We are putting up a potting shed next to the berry patch. My original idea was to put up a half wall with old hanging windows above it. After spending a lot of time looking, and realizing that old windows are getting really hard to find, I found this garage door piece and, I believe, it works even better! (And that’s not just something I’m saying because I couldn’t find windows…).
This is a mixed media piece that’s visible from both sides. I painted the tree branch to look like stained glass (many tutorials on this out there) and added acrylic pieces for the flowers. Then I coated it with a clear polyurethane since it was going to be outside.
To hang it, we left the original metal connector pieces (at the top) and added three more to the other side (otherwise it won’t hang straight).
And that’s it! A custom piece of artwork for our new (still in progress) potting shed!

Before & after.



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