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Birdhouse Fence

Over the last few years we’ve been growing and propagating plants with the intention of selling some (to fund our garden habit) and keeping some to plant at the property.

Now that we’re on the property, we can start really making it our own.

We wanted a bit of privacy from the people driving down the road past our place so we thought the plants would be a great barrier. However, the thing we didn’t think about was that the plants are only about 2′ high right now and won’t really hide much.

So, we came up with a new plan — a small fence. We looked at many ideas to build, and those we could purchase, but decided to do something uniquely “us,” so off to the dump we went…er, that didn’t come out right, but you get the idea…

This birdhouse fence is what we came up with in the end. $5 worth of beat up old planks and boards, cut to look like various, old fence pieces,  screwed together with cross pieces on the back.  We added a couple of smaller wood pieces to make the three “birdhouse-looking roofs,” used bolts for perches, and heavy fabric cut-out pieces screwed on for the “holes/openings.”

All that’s left is to hang one of the recycled bird feeders that we made on a shepherds hook that Fred made from a salvaged piece of rebar and we are good to go!


We realize this won’t last forever but it should last until the plants have had a chance to grow – and we think it turned out really cute!

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