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Holy Macro!

on July 21, 2013

My dear friend and photo buddy Crystal, who recently dug out her macro lens for her camera, showed me some of the photos she took with it. Grant it, she’s a professional photographer so I expected her photos go be wonderful, but I was truly impressed and wanted to get my own, then and there. However, after looking at the prices, I settled for a “tester” lens attachment that I found online for a very reasonable price.

The moment I received it I stuck it on my camera and was out the back door. I pointed and “clicked” and the camera went in and out of focus about a bazillion times as my arms were getting tired and my lungs were about to explode from holding my breath so long trying to stay still. Okay, so I exaggerated a bit here — but I just couldn’t get it to focus. After getting a few blurry shots, I drug myself back inside, spirits in the dumper, thinking I’d just wasted a bit of money. Then the lightbulb went on over my head and I put on my other lens, along with the macro attachment. Apparently it doesn’t work really well with a 55-200 lens (especially without a tripod) BUT, it works great with my 18-55! Woo hoo! I was happy again (yeah, it doesn’t take much). I’m excited to make some of these in to photos and photo cards for my online photography shop!

Small succulentssucculant sig

Yellow Daisydaisy sig

   Sleeping Beesleeping bee sig

Dandeliondandelion sig

Spider in miniature rosebudspider rose bud sig


Here’s Crystal’s website if you’re interested in taking a peek at her fabulous photos! http://www.crystalcraigphotography.com/


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