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The Carrot Experiment

on July 14, 2013

The weather has been great this summer and our garden has been pretty good so far. In addition to lots of potatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale, & radishes, the peas were plentiful but are done (thanks to the little field mouse that devoured the last bunch. Hmph!) and the carrots are starting to show signs of bug damage so it’s time to pull them! I decided to try something new this year and store some of them in sand. I’ve heard it’s a very cost-effective and good way to store carrots for a long time for those who don’t have a root cellar. We will see!

c4The first thing I did was to carefully pull the carrots, cut the tops off (leaving about 1-2″ of the greens), check them for any damage (eat those now, don’t store them), and leave them in the sun for a few hours to make sure they’re good and dry.

c2Next, I put about 1″ of sand (use clean play sand only – anything else can have debris and/or unwanted chemicals in it) in the bottom of a plastic container (crate) and spritzed it with water. I read that good storage needs about 90-95% humidity, so it’s key to get it good and damp (but not dripping wet, as this could cause mold).

c1Once that was done, I started layering in the carrots. They shouldn’t touch (in case one goes bad, it won’t affect the others) and, after each layer of carrots, add another layer of sand and spritz away! I repeated this until the carrots were all tucked away. For the final layer of sand, I did add an extra inch for insulation.

I had Fred carry the crate into the garage for storage since I there was no way I could carry the 75 lb. box (I used 1-1/2 bags of sand).  The ideal temperature is 30-40F but the garage is the coolest area we have available. Fingers crossed this works!


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