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New ideas for old things

on June 27, 2013

Fred and I had our “Garden Art and Plant Sale” last weekend. It went very well! Along with a lot of garden plants, all of his art sold except one little dragonfly stake and he’s happily making more. I had a pretty good day, too. My “upcycled” planters were a big hit and I just finished a few more.

planter coke tinI found a couple of “vintage-look” Coke tins (maybe used for cookies or candy?) and knew they’d be adorable as planters — especially as they weather and age. I had to drill a few drain holes in the bottom but that was about all these needed besides a good cleaning.

planter flour sifterA vintage flour sifter seems perfect for this. With the bottom meshed it’s already got “built-in” drainage! I used Portulaca (one of my most favorite flowers) because it does very well if it gets a little dry between waterings, flowers non-stop, and needs little to no care (you see why I like it?).

planter popcornI have no idea how old this piece is – a ceramic popcorn holder – but it makes a super cute planter! There were no drain holes so I used about 3″ of florist moss at the bottom in case there’s an overflow of water.

planter red shoesI just love these little Mary Janes. The insides aren’t in the greatest shape (probably why they were up for grabs) but they have the cutest little fabric flowers on the strap and the color is a nice ruby-red (perhaps Dorothy’s when she was younger?). Don’t tell Fred but I’m kind of hoping these don’t sell and I’ll have to keep them…

 planter lampThis is the one I like the best, so far. I saw this ugly, broken table lamp and knew it’d make a delightful planter. After the wiring was out, I sanded off the old black, chippy paint and re-finished it to look like the old red enamel (barn red with white “spots”), added a weight so it won’t tip over – and I love the way it came out.

I consider these just another option in the upcycling process — that just happens to incorporate my love of gardening.



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