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Marrowstone Island Tractor Days

on June 3, 2013

There are a lot of little islands around Puget Sound. Most of them are uninhabited. A few of the larger, like Marrowstone, have a small population of interesting people and occasional community things to do. Over Memorial Day, they have their “Tractor Days,” where island residents bring their tractors for the parade. I’d never heard of it before but caught wind of it, a few months ago, and knew it was right up “farmer Freds” alley.

wrecked boat II - sigAlong the way, we found this old wreck of a boat, beached and looking quite sad as all the other lovely boats were floating right behind it. But, it made for a great photo op.

tractor dogWe were about an hour early for the parade so we wandered around, looking at the cool, old tractors. A lot of them were John Deere but there were a few others, like an Allis-Chalmers and Massey Harris. One gentleman brought his dog…or, should I say, this dog allowed his person to bring his tractor. Apparently these two (dog and tractor) are inseparable.

john deer tractor close up - sigWe came to find out that one of our friends, who lives on Marrowstone, was one of the original founders of “Tractor Days.” According to the (short-version) story, he and two friends went in on buying a great old tractor and were pretty excited about it until their wives found out and asked “what, on earth, were they going to do with it?”  Their response was “why, we’re going to put it in the parade!” “Parade?” they asked. “What parade?!” And “Tractor Days” was born…

back of deere - sigI thought it ironically funny that on the back of this tractor, filled with sharp, moving objects, the manufacturers thought it necessary to include a “be careful” label. I guess it’s a good idea but, maybe, the people who actually need this reminder might not be the best choice of tractor drivers. Just sayin’…

two sand dollars - sig

It was low tide and some kids had been ‘decorating’ the shore with sand dollars. I’m finding a lot of people assume they come “bright and clean” (ie; washed and bleached) as you see them in stores and such. Truth is, this is what they really look like. And, I think they’re beautiful and amazing just the way they are.

ferry and seattleOn the way home, we stopped by the ferry dock to take a peek. It wasn’t the clearest day but it was clear enough to see the Seattle skyline. Can you see the Space Needle? Pretty cool, huh?

Hope you enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of our day!


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