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MusicalMe Kids (with MY artwork!)

on May 3, 2013

Okay, so this might go beyond shameless self-promotion but I’m just too darned excited about it not to share it with you. I was asked to do the cartoon icons for a new iTunes application called “MusicalMe Kids.” Originally, I thought I had 2-3 weeks to finish the 16 icons but, within 24 hours, it was dropped to 1 week. That, in itself, was a huge challenge for me as I must be the slowest painter I know. (I could never charge anyone by the hour because of this – I’d be sitting in the dark, scraping beans out of a can, a dog tucked in each armpit to keep warm — all MM screen shotbecause I’d be broke due to no one hiring me…but, I digress…)

The application, itself, is really quite ingenious. It allows you to either take new photos or use photos you already have, on your iphone or ipad, and add music to them!  (This is where it gets really good…). Each color in the photo coordinates with a different note on the musical scale – the more colors you have the more notes you have to play with! You can choose the notes or have the application do it for you. Then, once your “masterpiece” is done, you can even save it or send it to someone! What a great way for kids to express themselves and learn about music (I, especially, think deployed military family would love getting pictures with songs from the kids, don’t you?).

In addition to musical instrument sounds, they also have animal sounds (and a cute little girl giggling!). I played around with it as soon as it came out — I’m hooked and I’m not a kid (well, at heart, I am…).

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this is going to be a really big hit. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of it!

Here’s the link for it if you want to take a peek!   MusicalMe Kids


2 responses to “MusicalMe Kids (with MY artwork!)

  1. tamrahayden says:

    Linda, you came through on this project in such a beautiful way (as I knew you would): #2 reason why I asked you to do the drawings! #1 reason is I knew your whimsical drawings would be perfect for this! Thank you! We are already being featured with it in over 300 Countries at #20! I find that really amazing! I’ll keep you posted.

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