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When it rains…

on April 19, 2013

It’s amazing how life can go from “zero to 60” in such a short amount of time. Just when I thought my days were already packed, I received 3 new projects to work on — which is also the reason why I’ve not been posting very much lately (and you’ve missed me terribly, I’m sure…).

The first is artwork for a friend of mine who’s developing a cool software application. I’m quite excited about it and will be doing a special post about this, when it’s released, to give it a “formal” introduction!

The second is another friend of mine who has a business, here in town, and wants me to come up with a “display” to feature some of my photo cards! I was so flattered when she asked me. I think I have all the parts and pieces I need and am just waiting on the printer to send the cards I’ve chosen for her shop.

The third project is making some things to sell at a garden and yard art sale this June. I’ve had more fun coming up with different ideas — and the best part is that Fred is doing it with me! With the few days off he’s had, recently, he’s been happily “playing” in his shop to create some wonderful yard art (nothing is finished so he won’t let me take photos, yet!). 

Of course it wouldn’t be like me not to paint so I decided to do some garden-themed signs (I love painting signs). Here’s what I’ve come up with, so far…

Garden Signs

I like the way they’re coming out and I’m using up some of my nice, old wood “collection” (aka “saved from the burn pile”), to boot. Painting flowers has never been my strong suit so this has been a good challenge for me. I’ve been teaching myself a few new techniques and, although Donna Dewberry has nothing to worry about, just yet, I think I’ll get better with time and practice.


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