a view from the laundry pile…

…it's all about perspective.

In my free time…*cough*

on April 5, 2013

bumblebee rose sigNew adventures always make me excited…and, if there’s any part of my artwork attached, a little nauseous. It’s never easy putting yourself out there and my stomach always seems to know when I’m doing this.

rowboat in the morning sigMy latest project was to set up another Etsy shop to sell my photos. Most of them are turning out to be cards (both printed photo cards and 4 x 6’s that are framed in greeting cards, that can also be used as pictures in regular wall or table frames when the card arrives at its destination) but there are also some 5 x 7’s and 8 x 10’s.

fire hoses sigI think the hardest part was deciding which photos to choose. I know not everyone will like everything (or anything, sometimes) and picking out a “few” was a little nerve-wracking. I whittled them down, from several thousand, to about 50 or so. Hopefully, I chose the right ones and people will be breaking down the doors to buy them…(what? I said “hopefully…”).

sun in clouds sigI’ve decided, in addition to just cards & photos, I need to  branch out and try new things with my photos as well. I’m hoping to do some “photo transfer” onto wood blocks or mount them using encaustics. It should be interesting to see what I actually end up with here as there are so many possibilities to choose from (there’s that “choose” word again…). I’ll keep you posted if anything terribly interesting happens with this latest venture. If you’re interested in taking a peek at the rest of the photos, you can find them at www.linniebphotography.etsy.com



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