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Hurricane Ridge

on March 18, 2013

Living in the Pacific Northwest, you could wait for good weather to go do things…but then you might not do too much. Fred had a day off so we packed up the dogs (yes, all three of them), and headed up to Hurricane Ridge. I’d never been there but had seen photos and was quite excited about the adventure.

blog 8 

We stopped, about 1/2 way up to take a peek at where we were and where we’d been. It was quite a panoramic view!

blog 6

These sweet, little birds were everywhere – and none of them too shy. In fact, this one seemed to be mugging for the camera and let me get within two feet of him to take this fabulous shot.

blog 5

As soon as my ears started popping, I knew we’d reached a significant altitude in a very short amount of time. We stopped again (this is why this is a “day trip” rather than a “few hour” trip), fed the dogs, took them for a little walk and look at the view we found through the trees!

blog 4

It wasn’t long before things starting taking on a “black or white” hue, the closer we got to the top.

blog 3

At the top was a nice ski area, small lodging, and a lot (at least, more than I’ve been used to the last few years) of snow! Interestingly enough, it didn’t even seem all that cold. Perhaps my body is finally adjusting to the constant cooler weather in this part of the country.

blog 2

A nice spring storm was starting to come in so we decided to head back down. We’d watched Les “Survivorman” Stroud, the night before, get “stuck” (I enquote this because I’m pretty sure, with every adventure he goes on, his rescue crew is just around the next corner…) in a huge snow storm and have to cut his car cushions apart to make boots and eat leftover deer head. Just not something I was looking forward to doing…ever.

blog 7

We stopped at Crescent Bay on the way home to take a few photos. As much as I love the mountains, I think I’d have a tough time being too far inland. I love the water too much. But I’m happy, and very grateful, to have both so close.



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