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Grumpy Old Men

on March 9, 2013

I remember being in the second grade, during “art period,” and our assignment was to draw a self-portrait using a mirror. I think that was the first time I ever really looked at any face. Mine wasn’t symmetrical or perfect, in any way, but it was nice and made me, me. Since then I’ve been addicted to drawing and painting faces.

Looking for something on the web, I came across a photo of an old man and noticed he had the most interesting features. I knew I wanted to paint him and thought this would be perfect for my continuing “block art project” (painting on recycled wood pieces rescued from the burn pile). 

Doing the initial drawing, I had this idea to “characaturize” (is that even a word?) him, and had the most fun doing it (and the dogs were quite entertained by all my giggling). I love the way it turned out — so I decided to do a few more. Meet, Artie, Giovanni, and Miles. They’re the first in my “Grumpy Old Men” series for my online shop (www.lbd.etsy.com).



6 responses to “Grumpy Old Men

  1. katasee says:

    They are adorable… Great job, you paint so beautifully…!!!! I love their expressions… =^)

  2. tamrahayden says:

    whimsical and grumpy, I love it! 😛

  3. slurryart says:

    love these, especially the center one!

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