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Top of the world!

on March 2, 2013

I wasn’t planning on this but I did something today that I’ve never done before — but have always wanted to. I went to the top of one of the highest streets here, one that overlooks the water…and stayed there. For 1 hour I did nothing but look out and take photos of what I saw.

blog 1

I thought it’d be interesting to blur the background on this shot. I’ve done this with other photos with great success. I’m not sure if this one is included in that list but I do kinda like the way it turned out.  

blog 2

There’s a shipyard across the Sound. I lucked out and saw a “test drive” today.

blog 4

Aah, the great “take-over” begins. As much as I love blackberries, they do run amok here.

blog 6

U.S. Coast Guard Chopper flying maneuvers.

blog 5

Eagles taunt me. I know they get together and talk about ways to fly past me, really fast, before I can get my camera ready. Today, one flew right overhead…and I got him (or her).

blog 7

The snow-capped Olympics peeking out from behind the top of a lighthouse.

Who knew there was so much to see? I’m glad I took the time to do nothing…at least for a while.


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