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Stuff I never would’ve thought of…

on February 28, 2013
My nephew posted this on his Facebook page last week. I’d seen some of these before but some were also new to me (especially the pop tabs and the can opener)! All of them worth re-posting, though! Thanks, Bryce! 
I believe these were found on lolspots.com – not sure if these ideas/photos are original to them or not – but there are some good’uns! 

4 responses to “Stuff I never would’ve thought of…

  1. momto3sugars says:

    I specifically needed that shower head cleaning idea today! Was searching the internet to see how to clean it! THANK YOU!

  2. katasee says:

    I love these… some are great! Thank you… I would never have thought to use some of these for that use! I especially love the toilet paper roll, the staple remover, the suntan lotion bottle and key ideas… very nice! Thank you for posting this Mis Linda!

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