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Fort Worden

on February 1, 2013

bunker 7

One of my favorite places here is Fort Worden. In addition to its great historical value, it’s a nice place to go camping…and I would if I camped. Not very adventurous, I know, but I started tent camping around 3 months old (so my mother says) and think I’ve done my fair share since then. I’m now more of a hotel-goer or (at very least, a trailer-with-a-shower-and-VCR camper). So, it’s nice to have Fort Worden so close to do day visits and short treks. Today I went with my good friend, Crystal. We really do have fun (and have promised never to post the “wide-angle butt shots” of each other…what more could you want in a photo buddy?).

bunker 1

bunker 4I love the bunkers at Fort Worden. They haven’t been used, as war-time bunkers, for years and are now overgrown with moss, ferns, and algae. The colors are lush and gorgeous and it’s fun wandering through them.

bunker 9aThe “secret order of rock stackers” were here (we have a lot of them…and I’ve been known to stack a few, myself).

bunker 11The sea wall at the light house.

bunker 12      One of our many eagles.

Here’s the wiki link if you’re interested in more information on Fort Worden



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