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…it's all about perspective.

Those “in between” times

on December 20, 2012

It’s not like my camera is an extension of my arm or anything (yet) but I do try to carry it with me as much as I can to give my clicker finger a regular workout.  When my schedule gets busier, though, I have a harder time finding time to take photos so I try to make the most of the moments in between everything else that’s going on.

Yesterday I had appointments, for most of the afternoon, but they all seemed to be about 30-40 minutes apart and I couldn’t see running home only to get there and have to turn around and leave again. What a perfect opportunity to practice my photography. About half-way there (wherever the next “there” happened to be), I’d stop and jump out of the car, take a few photos, and off I’d go to my next destination.

It’s been cold and rainy here (I know, how unusual for winter in the Pacific Northwest…) but I got lucky with a few breaks in the clouds that made for some interesting photos.

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