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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2012

Well, here it is, Halloween. And this is the first time, in a few years, that I’m not running around like a crazy woman….well, not more than usual, anyway. Fred and I have taken the year off and are not doing our annual week-long haunted house at the local fairgrounds. I won’t bore you with the details as to why we’re not doing it, I’ll just leave it at  “it was a difficult, but necessary, decision” and move on to the fun part — the photos!

I’ve had a blast making some of the props for the haunt. We don’t do “blood and guts” but, rather, “psychological scares” (gore is okay but if we can mess with your mind…mwah ha ha!). Each show we do is based on a 1930’s “dark ride” with different themes each year.  One year we did a “side show” in one of the buildings, to give people something to do and look at while waiting to get into the “real” haunt. Among  the 14, or so, other “attractions” (that did things they weren’t “supposed to” in order to warm up the unsuspecting victims, I mean patrons, for the actual haunt), I created my interpretation of the “Fiji Mermaid,” the “Lilliputians Dig Site” (complete with archeological dig photos!), and “The Magic Hand of Badu Ramla” (the severed hand of a high priestess that was said to have magical powers).

You’d be surprised how many people really, really don’t like clowns. So, one year, our theme was clowns…lots and lots of evil clowns. I even made the entry to the haunt a giant clown (I know, he doesn’t look too bad…it’s his friends you have to watch out for). We even had clowns in the Vortex tunnel (a 20′ spinning tunnel that you have to walk through – aka “the barf tunnel,” for obvious reasons).

I know it’s the people who make the scare work but you have to set the stage – and it’s also been great fun decorating the different rooms. Two of my favorites (and most time-consuming!) were the “underground cave” and “mausoleum.”

Each year we get about 1,500 people through our little 15-room haunt. Of those 1,500 people, we have about 12 a year that get so scared they pee their pants and another dozen, or so, that either can’t make it through the front door or have to leave shortly after arriving. I know I shouldn’t gauge our success on these stats, alone — after all, we have donated over 300 lbs of food to the local food bank and several hundred dollars to local charities, including the local animal shelter, — but it does make me smile!


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