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Fred and the Indie Film

on October 2, 2012

In addition to his fire job, Fred also has a part-time light & grip business and was hired for an independent film being shot here in town. It’s set in the late 1890’s and they’re using some of our buildings for their scenes. About a month ago, the films directors had a walk-through with Fred and I was able to go along and get inside one of the older buildings to take some photos. It’s a glorious old gal who must have a lot of stories to tell.

Today they started filming. Day one of five. It started out a bit cloudy (not that anyone noticed at 6 am) but almost everything burned off by early afternoon, revealing another glorious fall day in the Pacific Northwest.

It was interesting to learn that it takes about 1 hour to produce 1 minute of film (crazy, huh?). Each shot was rehearsed and then filmed about 6 or 7 times before they moved on to the next one. I didn’t stay the whole (12-hour!) day but I love that I got a tiny glimpse of how the film biz works and, moreover, I got to see Fred in action! I was quite impressed.


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