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The Unillustrated Caption (aka: The Shorty…Part II)

on September 28, 2012

A dear friend of mine just gave me a new title for my version of the Shorty; “The Unillustrated Caption” (he also said I was a “master” at this. I don’t know if that’s right, but I do like the way it feels to be considered one…).

As I said in a previous post, “Shorties” are 140 characters, or less, micro-fiction posts or, in my case, captions without pictures.  I love thinking them up because they make me laugh. Hopefully, they’ll give you a smile, too.

“Even though Bill knew it was easier to live on Tums, he told Rebecca how he really felt about her “meatloaf surprise.””

“Roy’s dream was realized when he found out that, with the help of an extension cord, he could dust the entire apartment with a hair dryer.”

“With the bulb in the refrigerator burned out, Renee was forced to blindly navigate her way through maze of containers and squishy zippy bags in search of the Nacho dip.”

“As Miriam hid behind the door, waiting for Arthur to come home from the hospital, she wondered if the surprise would be too much for him.”

“Janie didn’t have the heart to vacuum her floors as all the dust bunnies had become her “special little friends.””

“When Ron came home that evening, Jessica was busy baking a pie for the neighbors to make up for one of the twins throwing up on their Azalea bushes.”

“Jenny finally felt alive as she ate the cherry yogurt that was two days past its expiration date.”

“Louise hadn’t intended to clip the police car but, once she got the ticket, she secretly wished she had hit him harder.”


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