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Birds of a feather…

on September 5, 2012

We’re trying to take advantage of all the beautiful weather while we can so, last night after dinner, Fred and I took a walk by the water. We’d only gotten about 6 feet or so out onto one of the piers and noticed…well, heard two squawking seagulls just below us. Pretty soon they came floating out and we could tell, by their size and coloring, they were just youngsters. They awkwardly paddled for shore, waddled onto the beach, and continued their protest, only much louder this time.

Pretty soon Dad came flying in and it all made sense. One quick *barf* and voila! Dinner was served. (Okay, it could’ve been Mom but Dad does most of the feeding once the chicks are out of the nest).

The kids seemed pretty happy about the quality of their meal but were a little perturbed at the quantity. They wanted more and kept ‘picking’ at Dads bill in case they’d missed any scrumptious morsel.

Dad, in no uncertain terms, let them know that meal time was over and it was now time for their swim lesson (I thought you weren’t supposed to go into the water 30 minutes after eating? Guess that doesn’t apply to birds…).  Obviously they were still working on their balance as their little heads kept bobbing in and out of the water as they swam. But they seemed to love it.

We watched them paddle around for a bit longer and, before you knew it, the kids took off and were flying around the boats in the bay. They’d swoop and dive bomb each other, too…obviously siblings.


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