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My Psychotic Friends

on August 21, 2012

I know some…okay, maybe a lot…of the reason I’m always pressed for time is because I take on too many new projects. But there are just so many cool things out there to do!

My latest project is using leftover pieces of 2×4’s from the construction of one of our haunted houses (oh, didn’t I mention this? Yes, Fred and I have owned and operated a professional haunted house for the last 4 years…but that’s another blog for another day…). The pieces of wood, numbering around 80, are each about 3-1/2″ square. Fred’s initial thought was to use them as firewood but I rescued them from the burn pile and, with Fred’s help, have been diligently sanding them to a nice, paintable surface.

I created these characters, called “My Psychotic Friends” (yes, art does imitate life), years ago and have been using and developing them over that time. They’ve shown up mostly in greeting cards but have been known to make an appearance on pottery and in other assorted projects. I thought the wood blocks would be a perfect venue for them.

I only have a couple done and up for sale in my online shop (yes, more of that shameless self-promotion…LBDK.etsy.com, in case you forgot *cough*) but am in the process of doing more. I like the idea of each one having a name and a little blurb to go with it. Like the beginning of some great story…

“Betty knew, once the make-up was on, she was still the Queen…”

“Hilde looked hot as she strut down the beach in her new push-up bandeau…”


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