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on July 7, 2012

I found this set of nesting bowls in a little kitchen and doo-dad shop somewhere off the beaten path. The moment I saw them, I fell in love. The colors matched my Fiesta Ware, perfectly, and they were such a nice, light weight (I love glass bowls – and still use them – but, sometimes, they’re just too heavy, especially once they’re filled with a couple of pounds of dough!). Better yet, this set of “melaboo” bowls was around $20. That was almost the deciding vote…I just had to find out what “melaboo” was. The cashier said it was a “bamboo composit” but didn’t have much more information than that. I asked about their return policy and, upon hearing I could return the bowls if I needed to, promptly purchased them (either it was their last set or they’re very clever about marketing) and went home to do some “research.”

“Melaboo” is a composition of bamboo and Melamine and 100% compostable. I know there have been Melamine “scares” in the last few years so I looked that up, too. Apparently, some baby formula makers, as well as dog/cat food manufacturers, were using Melamine powder in their food production which, of course, is insane. I also read that Melamine shouldn’t be used in high heat situations (microwave or oven), or with high acidic foods. Glad I’m not a fan of hot, wilted salads.

I then wrote to the manufacturer (I’ve never been accused of doing anything “half way…”) who was kind enough to write back with this response; “Melamine is a safe material. Although the formulation of Melamine uses urea and formaldehyde, those ingredients do not exist once melamine is formed.” He also went on to say “Melaboo combines bamboo with Melamine in order to create a more environmentally friendly material. The Melamine gives melaboo its strength and durability. The bamboo gives melaboo sustainability and allows for the material to biodegrade” and even included a copy of the original testing report with his email. I also found this on another (eco) site “melaboo will remain intact for everyday use in your kitchen, and then decompose in 9-12 months under normal conditions in a compost pile. It is non-toxic and food safe.” 

I think the idea is not to ingest the Melamine powder as a protein supplement. But, as with all things, you need to decide what’s best for you and your family. As for me, I now feel quite comfortable using my beautiful new “melaboo” bowls – as long as I follow “the rules.”


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