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Happy Birthday, America!

on July 5, 2012

For whatever reason, the weather has been horrible here, every year…until the 4th of July. It’s as if that seems to be the “magic” date for summer to finally arrive. This year was no exception. After months of cold, wet, dreary weather that was supposed to be done and over with the end of winter, we had a perfectly beautiful day. It was sunny and warm and the night was mild and (nearly) windless for the fireworks show. Fred had to work, as he usually does on holidays, so I was on my own. 

I found a good vantage point to watch the show. They shoot the fireworks off a barge, away from the beach, so you have to figure out a prime spot well before it starts or else you might just have to climb a tree or hang off the cliff to see anything. Coincidently, it was also a Harvest moon so I had to pull over, along the way, to take a photo or two of that, as well.

Fireworks are one of my most favorite things. I love sitting close and feeling the “boom” resonate as the shells explode.

I love the flash of colors and watching the twinkly sparks dance across the sky before they gently fade away into the night (seriously, sometimes I think I should write for Hallmark…).

I’m amazed at what they can achieve with these. The different shapes, colors, and sizes of each one. Just like snowflakes, they look similar but no two are alike.

Back in his younger days, and before he worked for the fire department, Fred used to work for a fireworks show (talk about an “about-face,” eh? First he’s rushing to light things on fire, next thing you know he’s rushing to put them out…). After hearing some of his stories, there’s a lot more involved than just lighting a fuse.

Fireworks contain different metals, which are used to create the sparks. When the metal flakes heat up, they shine, and then actually burn. Different chemicals are added to create colors. Pretty cool stuff, huh?


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. Carole says:

    I love that photo on the lower right!

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