a view from the laundry pile…

…it's all about perspective.

…and Jupiter aligns with Mars…

on June 28, 2012

How often do things line up so perfectly, even if it’s just for a few hours, these days? I don’t know about you but it doesn’t happen to me that much. However, yesterday was one of those glorious days. The weather was perfect, my dear friend (whom I don’t spend nearly enough time with) was available, the deck on the restaurant was open (waterfront seating!), and there was nothing that I had to do that I couldn’t put off to go and play – for once!

We had a wonderful 2-1/2 hour fresh fish & chip lunch (I even had a cocktail…I’ve never had a cocktail with lunch before. I’m turning into a wild woman in my old age — and it’s about time…), talked, laughed a lot, and managed to get caught up on all the important (and not so important) happenings in our lives.

At one point I was glancing out at the water and happened to see this coming around the bend. The woman sitting at the next table apparently saw it the same time and gasped. She’d always wondered how they moved lighthouses from place to place….(of course it wasn’t a light house though I can see why, from a distance, she’d think this. I had to do a double take myself). It was an oil rig (probably heading to Alaska) — but I’d never seen a round barge before. I guess it’s true that you do learn something new, every day.

Today is a little cooler, a bit overcast and, if the forecast is correct, maybe even some more rain, which is okay since I really do need to get my chores and work done. But I still have yesterday to think back on…and I’ll smile when I do it!


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