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“1001 Uses For White Distilled Vinegar”

on June 26, 2012

I’m in heaven. I found this website (http://www.vinegartips.com/scripts/pageViewSec.asp?id=7) while looking for natural ways to clean things (an ongoing search of mine). I knew vinegar was fabulous on salad, pickles, and mildew but had no idea there was anywhere near 1001 uses for this stuff. They have suggestions for uses in the garden, cleaning, laundry, health, automotive, pets and, of course, cooking! 

Here are a couple of ideas from the website to pique your curiosity:

~ Clean the microwave by mixing 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl. Bring it to a rolling boil inside the microwave. Baked-on food will be loosened, and odors will disappear. Wipe clean.

~ Remove perspiration odor and stains on clothing, as well as those left by deodorants, by spraying full-strength white distilled vinegar on underarm and collar areas before tossing them into the washing machine.

~ Stave off high blood sugar and other Alzheimer’s risk factors with a daily dose of vinegar.  According to researchers, there is evidence that vinegar sinks risk factors that may lead to memory decline and dementia — namely, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, diabetes and prediabetes, and weight gain. While vinegar does not confront Alzheimer’s directly, studies at Arizona State University have found that vinegar can curb appetite and food intake, helping prevent weight gain and obesity. Swedish investigators agree. In one study, downing two or three tablespoons of vinegar with white bread cut expected rises in insulin and blood sugar by about 25 percent. Pour on the vinegar — add it to salad dressings, eat it by the spoonful, even mix it into a glass of drinking water. Any type of vinegar works because it’s the acidity that counts.

~ Shine pennies by soaking them for a couple of hours or overnight in a glass or bowl of undiluted white distilled vinegar.

Okay, so I might never need to shine a penny…but I now know how if I ever do! What a great “stumble upon” site! Not only is vinegar cost-effective, it’s non-toxic as well, unlike many commercial items that do the same things. I’m anxious to print this out and put it my “natural alternative” notebook (I do have some organizational skills…). Right after that, I’m putting more vinegar on my grocery list…


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