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A (cloudy) day at the beach…

on June 8, 2012

I truly believe that a cloudy day on the beach is better than a sunny day anywhere else. I’ve lived by the water about half of my life now and I think, at this point, I’d have trouble adjusting to being ‘land-locked.’

I’ve been taking morning walks with “little dog” (the other two are just too wild and insane and do best, on their own in the yard, where they have no one to drag along behind them…yeah, that’s another story) and we always head to the water. With the exception of the two large Chows that tried to eat my little dog (she’s fine…though the other two unleashed dogs, in addition to their irresponsible owner, got a good piece of my mind –  and nearly a boot up their behind, as well) it was a very good walk today. The weather was overcast but not raining (a huge plus for the week) and there was almost no wind, which happens very rarely here.  

We came upon a Sun Starfish. They’re pretty common in the Pacific Northwest but still amaze me every time I see one. They have very thick ‘skin’ and can stay on the beach until the next tide comes to take them away. I’ve never seen it, myself, but these particular starfish can have up to 40 arms and grow to 3 feet in length. This one was about a foot in diameter. Still pretty impressive.

There are also many species of wild flowers at the beach, including these which, I believe, to be snap dragons. I’ve also seen wild Lupine, Daisies, Torch flowers, Yarrow, and, of course, Rhododendrons, the state flower, just to name a few.

The evergreens are even starting to acknowledge that, despite the cold and rain, summer really is here and it’s time to get growing. There are mostly Douglas Fir around here but I’ve also seen some pine varieties, along with Madrona (if you’ve never seen these, you’re missing out), and some Birch.

Just as we were heading back to get breakfast ready, and Fred off to work, I noticed a bright light in the sky. I think the elders called it “sun” (yes, I joke – but it’s been a little lot dreary and cold lately). So, it seems, despite what the weather forecast has been saying, it looks like the rain has taken the day off. Maybe if I get all my chores done early, I’ll go out and shoot a few more photos today.


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