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Ahoy, matey…

on June 4, 2012

Well, I knew living in the Pacific Northwest would be “wet” but, sometimes, it’s an understatement. Apparently it’s now summer. I’m still wondering what happened to spring. It’s been colder than usual and, in my opinion, a bit wetter than I remember. However, since there’s nothing I can do to make the weather anything other than it is, I’ll make the most of the time indoors and be productive…or go through pictures and dream of warmer days.

In addition to the “official” regattas here, a couple of days a week during the summer months, boaters get together and sail around the bay and inlet. It’s beautiful to watch and boats are among my favorite things to photograph.

Being a “port town” we also have a few marinas as well. What a great place to see all the boats up close. One of the best experiences was when Fred and I were taking a late night walk by the water and found ourselves checking out a vintage 2-masted 107′ wooden gaff schooner (this is my idea of a ‘dream boat’). Someone emerged from below deck and started chatting with us. Turns out it was the captain and he invited us aboard for a tour. I think I was half way down the gangway and headed toward the pilot house before Fred even had a chance to respond to his gracious offer. In addition to seeing the beautiful craftsmanship throughout the schooner, we got to meet the crew and heard some great stories that night.

The boat haven is another great place for boat lovers like Fred and me. They do a lot of repair and rebuild there and it’s interesting to see how the boats are constructed – especially the fishing boats. Fishing is one of those professions that I truly admire and respect. It’s a tough job and I know I could never do it but, still, I’m a little envious of them being out on the water all the time…and they do have really cool boats.


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