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I thought you brought the marshmallows…

on June 3, 2012

One of the coolest parts of being in a fire department “family” is going to the training fires. People “donate” their old houses, for various reasons, to the local fire department for training purposes. This is a great way for firefighters to learn in a “controlled” environment. 

Some of the key points of the training include understanding fire behaviour — how fire moves, how the environment affects it, the different types of materials involved and how they burn and, most importantly, how to put it out as not all fires are put out the same.

They also learn how to get everyone working together; who’s responsible for what jobs and how to clearly communicate with each other. Most people (including me, at first) don’t realize how many people it actually takes to put out a fire.

The last three training fires have been very cool in that, in addition to the regular training, they’ve also been working with the state crime lab. They’ve been able to recreate different scenarios that aid in fire investigations.


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