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Family reunions…’nuff said.

on May 18, 2012

I love family reunions, don’t you? Getting a chance to catch up and find out what’s new with everyone, how the kids are doing, the latest on work/promotions/vacations, who’s gotten married/divorced, who’s new to the family, who’s died…

It’s hard to believe my nephew, Billy, is off to high school, already. On only his first day, he made new friends. He was really happy when they offered to walk him to campus and watch his backpack for him while he was in class. He’s not seen them since but hopes to run into them in the cafeteria at lunch as the peanut butter and bologna sandwich, which he just remembered he tucked into the bottom of the pack, might start to attract local wildlife if left in there too long.

Cousin June has decided that “home schooling” isn’t for her. Though she’s going to miss her precious angel after having him home, all to herself, for 4 years, 3 months, 8 hours and 54 minutes, while that busy, busy husband of hers, Dick (though I thought, for sure, his name was Tom…) who couldn’t make it to the reunion because he’s working late, yet again, at the office with his secretary, feels the car ride to and from preschool, alone, is more than enough ‘together time’ with her little boy. As she says “it is about “quality,” not “quantity.”

My niece, Jessica, is fresh out of college with a new job at a real estate company. She just loves working with her new cubicle partner. Apparently they’re as close as close can be and are even talking about sharing a house or apartment. Jessica says this way she can keep an eye on her and make sure nothing happens to the perky little blonde with the turned up nose who constantly reminds her that, if she loses enough weight, she might find a boyfriend someday. Jessica has also, just recently, started taking night classes in taxidermy.

Cousin Stewey and his fiance’ had difficulties finding another minister for their wedding after theirs suddenly came down with laryngitis at the last-minute. Thank goodness Reverend Chuck was available that day as he’s usually ministering to the local prostitutes down at the “Feel & Squeal.” It was a lovely ceremony. 

The weather was perfect when they got to Hawaii and they had a wonderful honeymoon at the beach, even though I don’t think they were expecting Reverend Chuck to tag along.  But how do you say “no” to someone who has such enthusiasm and spunk at his age?  

Joanie and Clyde’s boy, Dana, tried out for chorus but didn’t make it this time. Of course, he wasn’t happy about having to wait another year but knew those chosen were really destined to be in the spotlight more than he was. It was probably for the best, too, since the afternoon they announced the new members, he says he tripped over a speed bump and broke his arm, leg, two ribs, and his nose.

It’s always good to see Aunt Frank again. He certainly knows how to light up a room and entertain us for hours with his rendition of Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret.” It’s magical the way he appears out of nowhere to pull everyone into the sing along — though Joey still isn’t thrilled about playing one of the showgirls for the musical number “Mein Herr.”



* * * * *

Disclaimer: These aren’t my real family members…mine are not this normal. These are just exceptionally funny photos that I found, online and here on wordpress, that made me laugh out loud and want to write stupid things about.  Please see photo enlargements for websites.  Thank you.


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