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The April showers have come our way…

on April 27, 2012

Fred finally got a couple of days off work – in a row, no less (can I add a big “yippee skippee” here without sounding too silly?). This hasn’t happened in a while. And, even though we’re not going anywhere or doing anything special it’s nice not to have to do anything or be anywhere in particular, y’know?

Of course, on the first day of his “mini-vacation,” it was pouring rain. We spent it doing nothing more than sleeping in, watching daytime T.V. (proving, once again, there is a reason to keep the thing turned off…), and being generally lazy. Gad, it felt good. However, we did manage to get to this really cool, new Mexican cafe located ‘undertown’ (ie;  downtown in the basement of another building with an outside entrance – it’s becoming quite popular here). It’s off the beaten path and you have to be looking for it to find it but it’s well worth the effort. I love that it’s quirky, casual, and laid back (just this side of “no shoes, no shirt, no problem”). They have great “make your own” burritos, too. You can choose whatever you want to put it in and they stuff it full – and, truly, their frijoles are to die for. It’s a “secret recipe” (of course I asked) but I’d still love to know what they do to them to make them so rich and tender with just a hint of smokiness. Okay, well, I can feel droplets of spittle gathering at the corners of my mouth so I either need to start the next paragraph or go eat lunch…

The next day the rain looked like it was going to stop (silly me) so we decided to venture out to the beach to shoot some photos. Of course, the minute we got there it started raining harder. But, being the good little Pac Northwesterners that we are, we got out the “official rain gear” (ie: Freds rain hat and my Mary Poppins umbrella), and carried on. It did manage to slow up, for about 30 minutes at one point, which was just enough time to get some really fun shots of the marina and a sea plane landing and taking off again. It would’ve been more exciting to get a photo of the plane being gobbled up by a shark, like the rescue helicopter in “Jaws,” but no such luck. Maybe next time.  (Hey, this is just the way my mind works…).

Yesterday, since it was now day 3 of “all rain, all day,” we decided “to hell with it” and packed up the 3 big dogs, the 2 big adults, and off we all went in my 1 little car to do some exploring (and, of course, a bit of grocery shopping, too – no need to waste gas). Funny thing, though, as soon as we got out of town there was no rain. In fact, it was downright sunny. I wonder if it’d been this way, all week, and we never knew it? Sometimes it’s good to venture out of your own backyard.


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