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With three, you get moth balls…

on April 18, 2012

Living in a wooded area, it’s just not possible to keep bugs out of the house. I do my best to ‘escort’ them off the porch when I see them (usually with the swipe of a broom) and have a special little container to ‘relocate’ them, outside, when I find them in the house (hey, the only bugs I touch are worms, ladybugs, and rollypollies…and I’m not too thrilled about the worms).

You’d think catching them would be the biggest challenge but, not so. Keeping the dogs away from the bugs, long enough to catch them, is. The minute they see something crawling across the floor or buzzing past their faces, the hunt is on. I must say, though, it is kind of funny to watch the three dogs barking and racing, from one end of the house to the other, after a fly. It’s even funnier when the fly lands on Fred. The dogs neither see, nor care, what’s in their way. They want the bug. They want it now. And nothing is going to stop them (I feel this way about chocolate, sometimes…). Before you know it, Fred has a lap full of psychotic doggies. (I might need to get Fred an athletic cup for Christmas…we have a lot of bugs…).

There was a big moth in the bathroom this morning. They’re not like butterflies that gracefully flitter about. Moths are more like frantic little Ninjas. Always moving around really fast – and you never know what their next move is…until they end up tangled in your hair…or floating in your juice.

Even though I really don’t like moths, I had no desire to kill it.  First I tried to ‘coax’ it out of the bathroom into the kitchen by waving my arms. I was trying to create a ‘breeze’ to encourage it’s flight path (oh, stop. It made perfect sense at the time…). When that didn’t work, I was able to get it to land on a towel and gently cover it.  Unfortunately, when I was just a few feet from the back door, the little snot decided the ride was over, crawled out, and started to fly away. Apparently the dogs had been watching me this whole time, with great curiosity, and were more than interested in helping me rid the house of this bug because, no sooner had the moth left the towel, when Kimber came flying out from behind me and, with one, giant, snarfing gulp, caught the moth. It reminded me of the scene from “The Sandlot,” where you see “the beast” jumping up from behind the fence, swallowing the Babe Ruth baseball whole…

Quickly, I dropped the towel, grabbed the dog, and pried her mouth open.  I could see the moth…it was just off to the side, partially stuck to her tongue by one wing.  I stared at it, for a second or two, looking for any signs of life.  Pretty soon, the ‘non-stuck’ wing started twitching…then moving. Great. Do I go in after it, realizing that I’m going to have to touch it, or do I let the dog have some extra protein for the day? Being the softy I am, I gently grabbed the moth by the wing, carefully peeled it away from the sticky blob of drool that was holding it captive, held it up and away from the snapping jaws that, clearly, wanted it back, and took it outside.  I, carefully, laid it on the railing and went back in the house (and washed my hands…twice).  About 20 minutes later it was gone.  Hopefully it wasn’t picked off by a bird…


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