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The 16th Anniversary of my 34th Birthday

on April 17, 2012

(Photo Credit: Cake Wrecks)

About a month before my birthday I googled “about turning 50” and was horrified to find everything from terrible jokes (Q: What do you call a 50-year old with no gray hair?  A: Bald…) to “romantic gifts for her,” which included Beatles pens, a bag of rainbow marbles, and a bowl made out of an LP record (this is romance at 50??  Shoot me now, please). But, the one that really caught my attention, was a link that popped up, along with everything else, to a medical paper entitled “Insanity Defined.” Had I not found that incredibly funny, I might’ve been a little depressed. 

But, honestly, I’m thrilled (and a little surprised) that I’ve made it this far. I’ve never been too cautious or concerned about being “adventurous.” And, I’m not talking about stupid things that would make me a prime target for the grim reaper, like drugs and alcohol (that I can recall or would be willing to admit to) but, other things that a lot of people wouldn’t normally do – like move cross-country to live in a place I’ve never even visited before (been there, done that…three times now). Or started a business because I thought it was a good idea (before you comment on this one, I don’t recall ever saying I was a good candidate for “The Apprentice…”). 

So, while I have noticed a few changes over the recent years, like needing to grunt in order to get up off the (in my defense, very squishy) couch, or having to stretch before I head to the bathroom, it’s not so bad being 50.  And it certainly beats the hell out of the alternative.

In celebration of my 50 years, here’s a gift to you;  “50 Ways to Nurture Your Happiness”   http://www.marcandangel.com/2012/03/29/50-ways-to-nurture-your-happiness/



2 responses to “The 16th Anniversary of my 34th Birthday

  1. The best (and worst) part of this post was that now I’m craving cake. 😉

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