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Now, where did I put that?

on April 16, 2012

Memory has a way of kicking in at the most inconvenient times.  Like, right when you, finally, get comfortable in a nice, warm bed, you remember the dogs are still at the back door, their little legs crossed, eyes watering, trying not to piddle on the floor, or just as you sit down to dinner you realize the empty plate across from you belongs to someone you were supposed to pick up an hour ago… 

For me, many of the things I need to remember seem to pop into my head right after I get into my morning shower.  In fact, it almost never fails.  No sooner am I in, shower curtain closed, shampoo bottle in hand, when I’m back out again, running naked through the house (unless you can imagine Demi Moore’s body here, don’t go there…it’s not pretty and may cause nightmares and retinal burning…).  Trails of water droplets and flat-as-a-duck footprints are left behind on the floor, leading from room to room, as I frantically search for something to make a quick note on it before I forget — which has happened, more than once (my memory isn’t quite what it used to be and wasn’t all that great to begin with…). And it’s a little more than embarrassing to finally realize, as I’m standing in front of the livingroom window, dripping on the rug, feeling an uncomfortable breeze where there shouldn’t be one, that I no longer have any idea what I was going to write down. Half the time, Fred’s still asleep when I race past the doorway.  The other half he’s awake but pretends to be asleep. I think it’s a survival thing…

But, bless his heart, he saved the day when he got me a new phone. An iPhone4, to be exact. I feel I’ve, finally, ‘caught up’ with the rest of the world (ie; I now have a phone that does a bazillion cool things instead of a flip phone that…makes phone calls…). And, I’m finding, the “notes” application is really quite helpful.  In addition to being able to take it into the bathroom with me, should I need it, *cough* I can make notes of things to remember, throughout the day, as well.


4 responses to “Now, where did I put that?

  1. Ha yeah, retinal burning is the worst.

  2. We are our worst critic so therefore, I really doubt it would be BAD retinal burning… 😉

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