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I’m LB and I’m a Fiesta-holic…

on April 15, 2012

Unless you’re into Fiesta Ware by Homer Laughlin, you may find this a terribly dull post.   Well, you might find it terribly dull, anyway…

I blame it on my best friend, really.  Had she not been the sweet and thoughtful person she is, by buying me a set for Christmas several years ago, I wouldn’t be knee-deep in the stuff today. (What? Don’t look at me through your computer screen like that. Fine. So, maybe, it’s partly my fault for buying a few more pieces after that. Okay, already. I bought a lot more…). 

Seriously, who knew it was so addicting? I’m a strong person. I thought I could live without more but, every time I see a piece I don’t have, its sleek deco lines and bright, vibrant colors call out to me  “go ahead, buy me…one little piece can’t hurt you…besides, you know you wanna…” and, before you know it, I’m washing it off and putting into our china cabinet (well, it’s actually a glass bookcase that I liberated from Fred. He really is a very understanding husband…).

My favorite designs are the large disc pitcher and medium teapot. The pitcher design hasn’t changed much since Homer Laughlin started producing Fiesta in 1936.  The handle is no longer put on by hand, it’s part of the mold now which is, probably, the best way to tell the old from the new on this.  I’ve managed to get ahold of all the colors, to date, of the pitcher — except the medium green. I once watched an online auction in which one, in good condition, sold for $325 US. And that was considered a “great” price. Unless I hit the lottery, which is unlikely since I don’t buy lottery tickets, I’m probably never going to have the large disc pitcher in medium green. I’m okay with this…unless I think about it too long.  The teapot hasn’t been produced since 1969 so I’m sticking with the first six Fiesta colors on those.

In a moment of clarity (or insanity, depending on how nostalgic I’m feeling), I decided to sell some of my collection about a year ago. It seemed like a good decision when we were using what could only be described as ‘goat trails’ to get from the dining room to the bedrooms and bath. It was starting to feel like to my grandmother’s house — the woman who saved everything, including bits of lint, carefully wrapped in jewelry boxes. My decision, on what pieces to sell and what to keep was done, basically, by color. The vintage first six colors are my very favorite so I had to keep all those pieces…and then there’s chartreuse – love it…oh, and I couldn’t get rid of the lilac or sapphire….and, of course, we need the every day dishes to eat off of…(what’s that?  Yes I did, too, sell some of it…).


A couple of cool links on Fiesta Ware;  


and  http://www.happyheidi.com/antiques/fiesta_gallery.html


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