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Heads in the mail

on April 14, 2012

I need to paint.  Not like painting white walls and beige ceilings (oh, remind me to tell you a funny joke about beige ceilings. It’s a little naughty so, if you’re easily offended don’t respond…or, at least, pretend to be amused by it, if you do…), I need to paint in an artistic way. It’s something I’ve been doing since I could hold a brush and, whenever I’m away from it too long, I get grumpy and have to stop whatever else I’m doing, like cleaning…or laundry…or any other type of icky housework, and paint (this is my story and I’m sticking to it…). 

I don’t care what I’m painting on as long as the paint will adhere to it, though the “vintage-chippy look” is quite in fashion these days…which, on occasion, has been a godsend when I’ve really screwed something up.  “No, no.  Really, it’s supposed to look that way…” and all is well with the world again.

My choice of mediums is acrylics because water colors are too unforgiving (I’m a very messy person when I’m creating and need that “out” of being able to cover something up, or fix it, if I don’t like it or it doesn’t look right to me) and oils take too long to dry (I don’t need instant gratification, I just want it…), though I do admire them, both, very much. 

I’ll paint on anything I can; metal, rocks, wood, glass, floors, carpeting (it was a really ugly hallway…) and, once in a while, even on canvases. My current palate is reclaimed mannequin heads  (this is the part where you look like a deer caught in the headlights – it’s okay.  I’m used to it).  You know, like for hat, scarf, & jewelry displays? (“Oooh!” I hear you say).  They’re really quite popular and I enjoy doing them – plus I love the idea that they’re a piece of usable art instead of ending up in the garbage dumps…which is why I named them my “Landfill Ladies.”  I originally started selling them on eBay but got tired of people expecting to get them for next to nothing and bitching about the shipping (I wish I had that much control over the USPS).  This is art, people!  It takes me a long time to do these!  I’m an anal perfectionist and I paint really, really slow!  (See?  I make fun of myself, too…painfully true though it may be…).  So, I switched over to Etsy.com and really like it there.  The customers, for the most part, are really great and seem to appreciate everything you do for them.  Once in a while you get a lemon – but that’s true of any place that’s accessed by the general public.

I get excited when a new shipment of mannequin blanks come in.  Not only because I get to create a new work of art, I also get to go to the UPS store to pick them up.  The anticipation of arriving on a particularly busy day and being able to ask, very loudly, “have my heads come in?”  is great fun.  Fortunately, the employees there know me and appreciate (okay, tolerate) my odd sense of humor (and I believe they, even if only on some deep level, enjoy watching the faces of the customers when I do this) — so it’s all good.

If you’re interested, you can find all my current Landfill Ladies at www.LBDK.etsy.com (of course I’m going to throw in a plug…it’s free advertising…and I’m saving up for more paint…).


2 responses to “Heads in the mail

  1. I am very messy too, I just need to freely flow when I paint. Great blog.

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