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Grab the hose…

on April 11, 2012

I’m blessed with a lot of truly colorful people in my life.  Some are friends, some are family. Overall, they’re a great bunch and quite special to me (and not just for their entertainment value, either…though it helps…).

Last night I received a message from one of my dear friends that, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin, did I think I’d ever get. Not only because of the nature of the message but because of who it was coming from. Apparently, through one of her friends recommendations, my friend is now tinkering with the idea of learning how to “breathe fire.”   This is a fairly reserved, thirty-something, mom of two great kids, nice as can be husband…who now wants to learn how to spew paraffin and light it on fire in order to turn herself into a human blow torch.  Huh.

Of course the natural line of questioning ensued “sooo, are you joining a circus or just tired of knitting?” I asked.  She explained that she had every intention of  “starting with water and working her way up to fuel.” The minute I read “fuel,” visions started popping into my head. Bad ones. Ones of her wearing ugly scarves the rest of her life. Then it got worse when I imagined her having to draw her eyebrows on with a permanent marker…and maybe even slipping (I don’t believe she draws that well…), and ending up with a hideous, crooked unibrow. Oh, the horror.  Make it stop…

I was, admittedly, relieved when she said she should, maybe, just keep this as an “option” for now (maybe? Ya think?!) because she wasn’t getting the “spitting technique” right…and it does get windy here. I, jokingly said she should try breathing  jello shots. Imagine my surprise when she thought it was a great idea…


2 responses to “Grab the hose…

  1. tamrahayden says:

    “breathing jello shots” bahahaha ….

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