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You say “potato” and I say “potato”

on April 9, 2012

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m a vegetarian.  I’m not one of those “crazy” vegetarians, though.  You know, the ones who let you know exactly what you’re eating and the disgusting process of  how it got there.  I’m just your everyday, garden variety vegetarian for, maybe, 25 years now.  It’s rare, these days, to have people be shocked by this but some still are.  “Really?  Not even a taste?”   Nope.  Well, not that I’m aware of, anyway (if you’ve not had meat, for a very long time, and eat it again, it’s really hard not to know you ate it — and it has nothing to do with “taste.”  Your digestive system is no longer set up to accommodate it and it will lash out at you…with a vengeance.  So, Mom? Picking it out of the dish won’t really help any.  But, nice try…).  Fred, on the other hand, is a carnivore.  I’d like to say he’s an omnivore — and I could if he actually ate enough vegetables to qualify.  

So, mealtime at our house is interesting.  I do all the cooking because Fred has, very cleverly, expressed that he has “no idea what I eat” (even though he sits across from me and watches me eat it on a regular basis) and, therefore, cannot cook for us (but is more than capable of opening a can of Chunky soup or microwaving a chicken breast until it bounces, if dropped, for himself).   

Sometimes I make two different meals, one with meat for him, one without for me.  Sometimes (and when I can disguise it well enough) I make all vegetarian meals even though, on several occasions, he’s mentioned, firmly, that he’s “never going to eat Tofu.”   (This still makes me giggle…). 

I take regular recipes and adapt them to vegetarian by substituting with veggie alternatives.  So far, this is working well, though there have been a few things I’ve made that were met with a “it’s okay if you don’t make this again” or “can I have more water with this?”

Below  is the link to one of my favorite (easy peasy!) recipes from Allrecipes.com (just click on it, it’ll take you right there).  I substitute Morningstar Farms Crumbles for the ground beef  (and use vegetarian cheese — no animal rennet).   Oh, and I know the ingredient list sounds kind of gross but it really is yummy – and there are lots of good reviews on it to back me up.

Cheesy Beef and Bean Bake


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