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Peeing off the dock

on April 7, 2012

I’d like to consider myself a great photographer.  I’m not, but I still like the idea.   

My husband, in his infinite wisdom (and tired of me using his camera), got me my own for Christmas last year.  It’s a dandy, too.  The viewing window actually has a “guide” feature that asks you what kind of a picture you want to take.  “Oh, you want to bring more into focus?  Then do this…”  It’s great.  I still need to watch the two instructional DVD’s that came with it — and probably should do that before I break something.  

In the meantime, and as a way to use to the various elements that I am familar with (point, shoot…um, yeah. That’s about it), I started an experimental “photo a day” project for 2012.  I take several photos at a time and I do try to take some every day. Then I pick out the one I like best and dub that “queen of the shoot” and save it in my “2012 photo project” file.   (I’ve even managed to sell a few in the process so I can’t be that bad).  

Today, Fred bounced out of bed at 5:37am in order to make an early morning meeting.  Of course, the minute he left, the dogs were tromping over me,  letting me know it was time to get up and feed them.  For this reason only, I’ve resorted to keeping dog treats by the bed.  First twitch of a whisker, I start popping them into their drooly little mouths like gumballs  in hopes of pacifying them long enough to squeeze out 10 more minutes of shut-eye.  But they’ve gotten it into their heads that this is more of an ‘amuse-bouche’ (which I don’t find all that amusing) and still want breakfast.  So, I got up, fed the dogs, peed and pood them, and decided to get an early start on the day by going out to shoot a few pictures of the sunrise.

One of my favorite places to shoot is down by the water.   The sun had come up but was playing around behind the clouds.  As I was inching my way down the slippery dock to get a shot of it, I saw this man in a dark jacket and ball cap quickly walking straight toward me which, instantly, made me a little nervous. There was no one else around, there was nowhere to go (unless I wanted to end up in the water.  It’s April in the Pac NW…so, no) and, being the slightly paranoid neurotic that I am (I said “slightly…”), my first thought was of how I could defend myself with my camera.  Shoot him?  Not exactly.  No recourse but to “act tough” (right…).  As I stood my ground, clutching the pier railing with one hand, camera in the “kill” position in the other, feet sliding out from underneath me, the one and quite important thing that never occurred to me was that I might know him…which, of course, turns out I did.  I felt relieved…and stupid.  (Nothing new here). 

He was going out on an early morning dive, recognized me as he was getting his gear ready, and wanted to say “hi.”  We talked about underwater photography and it’s nuances, marveled at the beautiful sunrise, then, as were chatting about the Northern Pacific octopus, he said he “needed to take a quick pee off the dock” and headed toward the end of the pier.   Well, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  In fact, I wasn’t, exactly, sure what to do.  So, I shouted after him, just to make sure I was hearing him right “did…did you just say you’re going to pee off the dock??!”  At that moment, I thought he just might, actually, have an accident as he shouted back through his laughter,  “NO!  I want to take a quick PEEK at the water — to see how clear it is!”   Omg, sweet relief.   That was, clearly, not the photo opportunity I was looking for today…


More of my photos can be found in my Etsy shop at www.LBDK.etsy.com


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