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You’re going to do what? With WHAT?

on April 6, 2012

I love the idea of being able to take something that was, otherwise, going to be thrown out (or even recycled) and upcycle it into something else before that happens.  One of my favorite ‘crafty sites’ is Factory Direct Crafts (www.factorydirectcrafts.com).  It’s a family owned business and the woman who does the Facebook posts and updates is…well, let’s just say, sometimes, I think we were separated at birth.  She did a post a while back and I just had to try it. Not only because it was recycling something that is so often overlooked as “reusable” but it was just too easy not to give it a go…(insert drum roll here)…a “toilet paper bird feeder!”   I don’t really mention too many of my projects to Fred (it’s more fun to see the look on his face when he walks in on me in the middle of them, anyway).   But, this time, I needed to let him know what I was doing, ahead of time, so he’d stop giving the toilet paper tubes to the dog  (another story for another day). 

I thought three sounded like a good number to experiment with so, when I had my three tubes, I grabbed the rest of the needed supplies.  I poured about a cup of bird seed mix into a shallow plate, got out my butter knife,  and grabbed the peanut butter.  Although the instructions called for creamy, all we had was chunky.  Details like this never deter me (although, sometimes, they really should), so I started spreading.  I can now see why they say to use creamy.  What should’ve been a thin layer of ‘sticky’ was now a thick layer of  ‘mortar.’  Heaven forbid one of the little birdies get it’s foot stuck in this.  However, the upside to this was that it was really easy to get the birdseed to stick. 

Once the feeders were finished, I used some leftover fabric strips to hang them.  One in the cherry tree, one in the lilac bush, and one in the forsythia.  I was actually a little excited to see how this was going to go over.  I went back out, a few hours later, and nothing had been touched.  I don’t know how long it takes birds to find food but, maybe, I’d done something wrong, too.  But, seriously, how hard could it be to stick bird seed on a toilet paper roll with peanut butter?  I took a closer look and realized that the peanut butter had, over the course of a few hours, hardened to the consistency of cement and, as far as I could tell, trying to get those little seeds off the t.p. roll would’ve required nothing less than a jack hammer.  But, being the hopeful I am, I left them there and went about the rest of my day.  It rained that night and, when I out to do a quick check on the feeders the next day, was more than surprised to find that they were nearly empty.  At first I thought it had just “melted off” in all the rain but saw nothing on the ground and then, as I was checking the second feeder, I saw a little birdie happily picking away it.  I guess their little beaks are a lot stronger than I thought.  I highly recommend anyone try this.  Crunchy or creamy.  

   Find the complete instruction sheet and more photos here: http://factorydirectcraft.com/factorydirectcraft_blog/upcycling-toilet-roll-bird-feeder/


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