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…it's all about perspective.

Meet my husband, Fred…

on April 6, 2012

Typically, my husband and I make an effort to find out how the other’s day was.  And the best part is that we try to do this on a regular basis.  However, it doesn’t always work and, sometimes, we have to change the “how was your day?” to “anything interesting happen this week that I should know about?”   (And, just as an FYI, “no” is always prefered over “well, I guess you’ll find out anyway…”). 

Last night was one of those glorious nights we were able to chat for a whole half hour before dashing off again.  “How was your day?” he asked.  “I started my blog,” I replied.  He was quite supportive of the whole idea until I mentioned that he came up in the first paragraph.  “You didn’t use my real name, did you?”   “Uh, no. It never got that far.”  (What?  Does he think he’s a spy or something?  Really?).  “Good.  Because I want to be kept out of this.”  Funny, funny man.  That’s not going to happen.  He doesn’t understand that I can’t just say “and I was cooking dinner for this person who shall remain nameless…”  So, to keep the peace (which is, normally, so unlike me) from hereon in he will now be known as “Fred.”  Fred is a fine name and much easier to type than “Javier the pool boy,” which was my second choice.


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