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I’m doing this why, again?

on April 5, 2012

At first I thought it was just my husbands way of saying he wasn’t that interested in listening to me tell him about my ‘daily adventures’ when he said I should start a blog. You know, that old “rather than telling me, Honey (as I catch him watching “How It’s Made” out of the corner of his eye), why don’t you go write it down” routine.  Mmhmm.  But then I heard the same thing from a few other people and started thinking that my husband may be right (Let him read this part? Don’t let him read this part?).  I must admit, I think I do have a way of explaining ‘ring around the collar removal’ that parallels nothing short of a brilliant Broadway soliloquy.  And I have been told (and I’m paraphrasing) that I have an off-the-wall, dry sense of humor that not everyone gets but piques their curiosity in sort of a “train wreck” kind of way.  So, perhaps, my over use of colorful and descriptive words really can sell the story if you can’t see my facial expressions and hand gestures when I’m explaining about how one of the dogs ate several cups of bird seed and was now poo-ing out “crunchy-covered treats” all over the yard. Regardless, blogging seems like a decent enough way to communicate things about my daily life to anyone interested enough to read it.   

“So…where to begin?”

I started with the article on “blogging for dummies” (I’m thinking if I really need it explained to me, at this level, I might want to consider another hobby besides blogging) and quickly progressed to asking my friends and family on Facebook for any valuable feedback on the subject. Think what you will but I considered doing this a “step up” from “Dummies” until the very first response posted on my query was “I’ve got nothing.”  (I love it when I get off to a good start). Luckily, a few more people chimed in, I did a little research based on their input, and decided to blog here. So, world, here I am. Let the blogging commence.


2 responses to “I’m doing this why, again?

  1. tamrahayden says:

    Yay! Congrats on getting started 🙂 That is the hardest part… and then keeping it going… and well… I think you are going to be really good at this!

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